Fibrolux supports you with a lot of experience around fiberglass reinforced plastic.

High quality materials are used in our construction designs. To achieve an optimum performance, high skilled expertise in product usage is a precondition.
For years Fibrolux has been a specialist in manufacturing, machining and utilisation of grp-profiles.
GRP designs replacing steel designs in areas where the requirements could no longer be covered by its characteristics.
GRP has proved to be economically and ecologically alternative to stainless-steel.


A one stop shop – consultation, planning, design and realization

Thanks to this credo, customers and partners can benefit to a broad know-how in all phases of collaboration.

A strong engineering leads to a detailed thought-out planning and to an object-specific economic solution.


Customer’s requests will be implemented on the premise of professional performance.

Precision and proper usage of the material are primarily considered during production and realization.

Feel free to contact us. We are delighted to help you with the fulfillment of your visions.

Load and Stress Analysis

FEM calculations are the foundation of our designs.

For bigger objects, CAD based frame calculations are executed to create static examinations.

We consider the anisotropy of he material and combine our experience with pure mathematical results for our design.

All projects are created using 3D-CAD designs which makes visualization easier.


As a pioneer of pultrusion, we consider it as an obligation to implement our design with ground-breaking technology and high quality products.

Our history is shaped by innovation and with customized products we develop new markets and applications.